Carolyn Schmekel on the power of hope

The co-founder of the Valley's food bank, The Cove, as well as the Methow Valley Interpretive Center and a host of other initiatives, in this short video Carolyn Schmekel talks about opening our hearts to each other...  

What a show!

It's always a thrill to film the Confluence Gallery's annual fundraiser: The Twisp Trashion Show. What over-the-top talent we have in this Valley! Here's the teaser reel!

The honor of sharing others’ stories

My greatest joy in creating this documentary is getting to interview the remarkable people who live here—people who have chosen the road less traveled; who have discovered the joy of serving others, or of creative expression, or of doing it yourself. To live here, most have had to forego the…

Rising from the ashes

Twisp resident Buddy Thomas tells what it was like to lose his home in the Carlton Complex Fire--and then get a new one, courtesy of donors and volunteers.  

Rodeo in slo-mo

Twice a year, the Methow Valley hosts a rodeo. To better appreciate the beauty and strength of both the animals and their wranglers, I slowed the action down and put it to Strauss's famous Blue Danube Waltz.

Trashion Show 2017

Each year in Twisp, the Confluence Gallery produces its most lavish event, a Trashion Show, in which locals create and model outfits from reclaimed, recycled, or repurposed materials. The judges confer awards in various categories; the crowd cheers; and afterward everyone celebrates with a dance party. It's totally Twisp!