Twisp in action

Life in Twisp…

Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few video shorts of Twisp residents doing their thing. Although the documentary is completed, life in Twisp goes on. In this passionate interview, local resident Barbara Vaughn Grubb explains why she traveled to Portland to support BLM.

I’ve also been documenting how Valley residents are responding to the global pandemic. Here’s a three-minute video about our PPE production!

Thirty years ago, octogenarian Betty Waggoner founded Methow Valley Backcountry Horsemen and started the annual spring ride fundraiser to support their trail clearing and maintenance work. In this three-minute video, Betty and current MVBCH president Cathy Upper tell why they do what they do…for all of us!

More good reasons to love the Methow: LBHS’ “cafeteria ladies” and Classroom in Bloom!

Beloved Liberty Bell High School secretary and Methow line dance instructor Debbie Bair shares a bit about her life with Gene.


Guest instructor Bruce Walker explains just how special Pipestone Music instructor Pam Hunt is, and how lucky we are to have her!

Hank Konrad, owner of the iconic Hank’s Harvest Foods, tells a sweet, short story about helping people get out of town in advance of the Carlton Complex Wildfire.

Carolyn Schmekel, co-founder of The Cove and the Methow Valley Interpretive Center, talks about finding connection through the heart:

Here’s Rhys Court on the power of art to keep a community alive:

Long-time rancher Shauna Hicks explains why she loves the cowboy life:

Here’s Twisp’s annual tribute to fashion excess–the Trashion Show!

Wanna see the excitement of rodeo slowed down to a waltz around the ring?

Katie Russell, Twisp’s own Wilderbabe, tells why she does what she does: