Year-end update!

Year-end update!

The first showing of “Twisp: The Power of Community” on November 14 was to a small but enthusiastic crowd at the Initiative for Rural Innovation and Stewardship (IRIS) community success summit in Pateros. It was the perfect audience: everyone present was committed to preserving what is best about their towns and was inspired by our example! I left with requests to make the film available to conference participants, to show it at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts in Leavenworth, and to provide 8-10 copies to Washington’s North Central Regional Library system!

Since then, I’ve been working to secure music licenses. It turns out that I can’t afford Led Zeppelin (LOL.) Even with a cover version of the recording, publishing rights start at six figures. Several of the more affordable artists I’ve been pursuing have yet to respond to my repeated requests–which makes me consider that they’re put off by my miniscule budget. The fantastic news is that I HAVE gotten permission to use songs from local artists Luc and the Lovingtons and Brittany Jean; hip-hop artist Supaman, and Rita Coolidge/Walela.

To help me with fundraising, I’ve secured a fiscal sponsor, “From the Heart Productions,” whose participation enables me to offer donors a tax deduction. Carole Dean, president of From the Heart Productions, also sent me this encouraging email:

Dear Leslee, Your film concept is sorely needed. As things get tough we need to work together and nurture and support our fellow man. I think that’s what we came here to do but got lost in society’s demands to compete.

This film can bring great information and be a way-shower for other communities. We are honored to sponsor you.

SO, my current plan is to identify a location to host a private, sponsors-only screening in January, in order to build “buzz” and inspire others to help me carry this film over the finish line by sponsoring music licenses, the services of a professional audio engineer, and film festival entry fees. THEN we’ll have a grand METHOW premiere in March where EVERYONE will be invited!

Stay tuned!

So grateful to be part of this community!